Development prospect of container activity room
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Container Activity Room is a relatively new type of building system, the shape resembles the container, can be spliced, transportation is also directly hoisted can be very convenient. The container activity room is slowly starting to catch on. In the last year the Shenzhen World Universiade venue also appeared the shadow of the container activity room.

Shenzhen Universiade will promote the concept of "green environmental protection, Low-carbon energy-saving", in the Longgang venues inside the container activity room to build additional sites. Outside the stadium to see, feel like flat-topped room, but into the container to find the room inside the decoration is very beautiful and humane. The container movable room can be used again, disassembly is convenient, the performance is superior, stable and firm, shockproof performance is good, the cost is relatively low, the house is also very safe. In addition, the container activity room will not produce construction waste, these advantages in line with the Universiade advocated ideas and design requirements. Container activity room in foreign young people, has been greatly sought after, also became a popular fashion.

But the container activity room also some need to improve the place, because the container activity room seals good, in the summer time needs the air-conditioning to adjust the indoor temperature. We believe that with the progress of the Times, the progress of science and technology, the development of container activity room will be further improved.