Environmental protection embodiment of container house
- Aug 11, 2017 -

First: Containers made of container houses are not brick, there is no construction waste on the site now. I think we all have seen construction rubbish on the site, there are wrapped steel, bricks and tiles used plastic, with the remaining scraps, cut down the Steel small section, no use of discarded in the corner of the slowly decaying wood, these are construction rubbish. And these redundant container houses are completely not, because the container is in the factory bookbinding completed. There is no site garbage, the rest of the goods are basically recyclable steel. This is a big advantage of the container house, which reflects the environmental performance.

Second: The use of second-hand container housing containers made of marine containers, equal to two times the use of container resources, so that there is no effect, only waiting to be recycled containers have a new use of value.

Third: The container house becomes old or has the damage, may return directly the factory, creates the new container again, will not have the trash which the demolition causes. Will not even leave a trace, the whole of the House shipped back to the whole.