How much do you know about steel structure modular houses
- Jul 31, 2018 -

    In fact, the advantages of steel structure integrated houses are obvious. In foreign countries, such as Europe, America, Australia and Japan, integrated houses have been widely used because of the following advantages of integrated houses

It is safe and reliable, the steel structure is light, high and strong, and has good seismic and wind resistance

    Moisture-proof, insect-resistant, acid - resistant, alkali - resistant, corrosion - resistant

90% of the house factory processing, on-site assembly can be

    Light weight, short construction period, durable, dry construction, beautiful

    Energy saving and environmental protection, 90% of materials can be recycled

    Although it is flourishing abroad, it will take some time for the domestic market to accept it.People will also ask, the Internet has been talking about steel structure integrated housing's various advantages, then he has no disadvantages?

    Of course, there are some disadvantages, or the main reason why we don't adapt to the Chinese market is the acceptance of the market. Most people don't have a deep understanding of steel structure integrated houses.It's going to take a process for people to understand, and then it's going to flourish.

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