Maintenance of the container activity room
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Container is the use of light steel structure system, Wall Cladding composite EPS wall panels and so on, of course, its wall can be a variety of, but generally have a light steel structure system, anti-corrosion rust is to do, every few years the best brush once paint, that prevent it corrosion, not only more beautiful also protect the house, there is the wall of waterproof measures, although in the beginning of the building to do a particularly good time, but in order to prevent the aging of the best regular inspection of the housing waterproof facilities, circuit problems, This not only guarantees the safety, but also protects the house the Moistureproof function.

Movable room series of steel structure of the entire link, the user arrangement lighting equipment, wires can not be indirectly tied in the steel structure, should be set up line tube or line groove isolation device, lest attack electric shock.

After the device is complete, the user shall not alter the structure without any modification, and no bolt component shall be assembled and the partition shall be added or added, and the change shall be coordinated with the corresponding factory consultation.

Every time after coming to the house must be all the power cut off, to avoid accidents, not to use high-power electrical appliances, illegal electrical appliances, the activities of the room should not be used as a kitchen.

Because the basic structure of the living container is steel structure, so the work of its derusting is very important, to regular steel material derusting, paint and other work, light steel structure should be in 1-2 years to paint once, so that can maintain the elegant, so that the activities of the colorful room.

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