Material of the container activity room
- Aug 11, 2017 -

1, Specification Diversification: such as Enterprise-type, H-type, C-type, corrugated type, and bright color, no surface decoration.

2, the installation of flexible and convenient: color steel composite plate not only greatly reduce the construction of basic engineering and structural engineering costs, and can be repeatedly disassembled, construction and installation of flexible and convenient, comprehensive benefit is very significant.

3, good fire Resistance: color plate core material for B1-grade refractory materials, its oxygen index ≥26, combustion will not melt, and no black smoke, no high temperature decomposition dripping. For China's high-grade fire-retardant building decorative composite plate, is the first choice of GMP Workshop decorative plate.

4, the use of a wide range of temperature: color plate core materials used in -70℃~+120℃, instant up to +200℃, in low temperature and even ultra-low temperature environment when the use of shrink, not brittle, is the deep cold (cold storage) engineering ideal insulation material.

5, low thermal conductivity (λ<=0.041w/mk), thermal insulation performance.

6, Non-toxic tasteless: color plate core material without Freon foaming agent, when burning non-toxic tasteless, overflow of gas on the human body and the environment are harmless, in line with national environmental requirements, is a new type of green building materials.

7, waterproof and damp: color plate core material belongs to organic polymer foaming materials, its structure is closed-hole type, with good water absorption and water resistance permeability.