Reasons for the wide application of integrated houses
- Aug 11, 2017 -

The material used in the integrated house is light steel, of course, this is a skeleton material, in the activity room of the enclosure material used is the sandwich panel. In fact, this kind of activity room is also very strict, especially in the structure is very strict. Because if the structure is unreasonable, the safety factor of the movable room will not reach. To know, after the establishment of a good activity room, generally is a long time will not be in the disassembly activity room.

Integrated housing is a very environmentally friendly house and very economical. If it is to be built temporarily, then the advantages of the activity room will be more easily reflected. Since it can be easily disassembled, it can be built in other places after disassembly. In fact, the activity room also has many different forms, but these different forms of movable rooms can be removed in time when not applicable.

For example, an integrated house has a container-type movable room. This kind of activity room is actually the former container box to carry on the transformation, then becomes the integrated housing. Its biggest feature is very strong, it can be said that when used outdoors can absolutely guarantee safety. Moreover, this kind of activity room can withstand the pressure is also very big. Integrated housing is not the same as the ordinary house, it is relatively simple and convenient.