The method of field power supply in container movable room
- Aug 11, 2017 -

I. Wind power

Pros and Cons: Use renewable energy to reduce carbon emissions. is a sustainable energy use. Data from China's National Weather Service show that there are currently 4 wind turbines in the Three Gorges. The development of wind power, can change our energy mainly depends on thermal, reduce thermal power, in line with the Kyoto Protocol. Power frequency requires frequency conversion, general rectifier in the inverse into 50HZ communication. In the use of stall fan, the impact on the power grid is too large. Now the use of variable-pitch fan, the impact of the network is reduced, but still have a certain impact. The wind power waveform is not a standard sine waveform, which is a test of the power grid's ability to withstand.

Second, solar power.

Advantages and disadvantages: environmental protection, safety, easy to maintain, can be said to use the endless, the efficiency is not high 15% or so, unstable, regional, affected by the weather.