A New Generation Of Green Buildings, Innovation, Change Of Life
- Nov 09, 2017 -

Is there a kind of building construction time saving, green and environmental protection? Is there a kind of living space that is safe, comfortable and creative?

Container building gives people answers.


It takes the container as a basic module, the manufacturing mode, in the factory to complete the production line for the construction and interior decoration of each module, and then transported to the project site, in accordance with the purposes and functions of the different styles of the container quickly assembled into buildings (residential, hotel, school, dormitory, workshop, warehouse and showroom etc.).


Like electric cars and wireless Internet, it is considered to be the most important invention that will change the way people live in the next ten years. Compared with the traditional construction method, it is more environmentally friendly, more efficient, safer and more convenient.


The traditional way of construction, by the foundation to be piled up at the site by forming a container, and container elements into the building will be assembled in the system of the building, it retains the container body concept, and set the overall mobile lifting function and a suit.

In the factory to complete the production line of single module, a large number of production, in the construction site only need to be assembled and spliced, the housing construction time is shortened by more than 60%,

It is in mechanical production instead of manual production, may be the least manpower cost savings of 70%, and the site management, material piling and construction safety get the best guarantee at the same time, the development of circular economy into the strategy of his career, in both the container as the basic module of modified housing, make full use of existing resources, the use of container the steel column and the side wall is building bearing characteristic of steel structure, the combination of free container modular units form the basic structure of the housing construction, save a lot of steel and concrete in the construction process, achieve the goal of energy saving and environmental protection.