Advantages And Practical Applications Of Steel Structure Residential Buildings
- Jul 02, 2018 -

    Steel structure is made of steel material.

Steel structure housing with its light weight, low cost of foundation, quick, convenient installation, easy installation, construction cycle is short, fast investment recovery, less environmental pollution, as well as good seismic performance and is a major concern.

    Steel structure compared with other structure, brick structure and concrete structure, the use function, design, construction, and comprehensive economic has advantages, the advantages of steel structure housing mainly embodied in the following aspects:

  1. Can reasonably arrange the functional intervalWith the high strength of steel, the design can adopt large open space layout, so that the building plane can be reasonably separated, flexible and convenient, creating an open house.And traditional structure (brick structure, concrete structure) due to the material properties limited the freedom space layout, general in previous studio 3.2 meters, 3.4 meters, 3.4 meters, if too large, will cause large thickness, high beam, column, appear 'fat fat beam column' phenomenon, not only affect beautiful, and increase weight, increase cost, property buyers in the secondary decoration, often due to change the wall position, increase the risk.

  2. Light weight and good seismic performanceThe building floor of the same building area, steel structure self-weight is light, according to the comparison, the weight of the six-storey building with light steel structure is only equivalent to that of the four-storey building with brick and concrete structure.And steel has ductility, can consume the energy that earthquake brings better, so aseismic performance is good, structural safety is high.

  3. Convenient construction and short construction periodSteel structural members may be manufactured and installed on site.Due to the small amount of field operation, the surrounding environment is less polluted. Meanwhile, the construction mechanization degree is high, which accelerates the construction speed.According to the statistics, the construction period of steel structure can be shortened by one third compared with that of concrete structure in the same area of buildings, and the supporting materials can be saved.

  4. Low comprehensive costBecause self-weight is light, foundation cost is reduced, general material is used less, direct cost is reduced, construction period is short, indirect cost can be reduced again, so comprehensive cost is low.

  5.Meet the requirements of industrialization and sustainable developmentSteel structure is suitable for mass production factory, a high degree of industrialization, and will, waterproof, thermal insulation, energy-saving Windows and other advanced product collection at an organic whole, complete sets of application, the design, production, construction, integration, improve the level of housing industrialization.

    To sum up, steel structure housing is an innovative housing structure system.With different aesthetic standards, steel structures can be used to design new models of various shapes, sizes and Spaces with different functional requirements.Manufacturers can achieve high precision, high quality, high speed, so as to achieve both beautiful and economic results.