Because Of Low Carbon Flexible Modular Building Abroad Favored
- Aug 25, 2018 -

    "Whether residential, commercial or public buildings can be built with modular buildings." Liu Dongwei, executive architect of the China Institute of Architectural Standards and Design, says modular architecture has some natural advantages. First, the modular building has better seismic and deformation resistance due to the use of steel materials. Secondly, modular buildings are standard size, adapt to modular, industrialized production mode, prefabricated in the factory after the site installation is simple, can reduce environmental pollution. Not only that, the transport and handling facilities of modular buildings are relatively perfect, and the reconstructed buildings are very flexible and easy to move, which are suitable for the needs of temporary housing.

    A case illustrates the ability of modular buildings in low carbon intensive areas. The water consumption of modular building construction is 1/30 of that of brick-concrete structure house, and the concrete loss is 1/50; the construction waste and repair waste are reduced by about 99%, the recovery rate of building materials is increased by 70%, the construction period is shortened by about 50%, and the overall energy saving is about 50% compared with brick-concrete structure house.

    Now modular buildings are mostly placed and installed in the way of integral hoisting, which can be moved at any time. The hydropower lines in the building have been pre-installed, and the corresponding external pipes can be directly used.

    In fact, modular architecture is favored by many architects because of its low carbon and flexibility. In Britain, Japan, France and many other countries, modular architecture and composite housing have been widely used in the manufacture of residential buildings, museums, office buildings, exhibition halls and other types of creative buildings, not only in the civilian use is quite common. Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, has the largest number of container houses in the world.

    In the United States, the major mobile housing manufacturers, each year to market demand for a number of mobile housing, often a difficult phenomenon.

    Different from the trend of modular architecture and environmental protection, modular architecture is more helpless for cabinet family in China.

    "The big gap between house price and income and the imperfect security housing system are the important reasons for the emergence of the"cabinet clan"in the city. Xie Yifeng, president of the Asia-Pacific City Real Estate Association, told reporters that "cabinet clan" groups spread throughout the country, mainly college graduates and peasant workers, who can not afford to buy a house, but also difficult to apply for security housing, in order to save money so choose to be free in the city in this form.