Development Of Container Activity Room
- Aug 11, 2017 -

Container Activity room quality and durability, can withstand greater pressure and impact, can be very good in the earthquake preservation, can be very good to adapt to the environment in Hangzhou, to provide people with comfortable and safe housing.

In addition to better performance, the container activity room can also be rented, and the rent is cheap, the general standard box as long as the rent of 6 yuan per day, so that people spend a small amount of rent can have a safe and comfortable housing. For the current construction project, due to the clear division of labor and technical progress, the period of the project is generally between 1-2 years, such a project cycle makes the purchase of Hangzhou activity Room a bit wasteful, but people can rent the Hangzhou container activity room to do temporary housing, which can be more cost-saving, and do not worry about the project after the end of Such features and changes in the engineering cycle have made the Hangzhou container activity room gradually popular in Hangzhou construction sites, providing a safe and comfortable living environment for construction workers.