Five Advantages Of Prefabricated Residential Construction
- Jul 31, 2018 -

    One of the advantages of prefabricated residential building is that it basically realizes design modular and standardized.It can optimize the design of the house type. Once a good house type is selected, it can be designed and produced by modular design, standardized reproduction design and production with higher efficiency.It is especially suitable for the standardization construction of affordable housing and the construction of small and medium-sized housing.

    The second advantage of prefabricated house construction is that the quality is guaranteed.Factory and standardized production of prefabricated building components can avoid human factors, avoid subcontracting in construction, and control quality.Visit the construction workshop of changsha yuanda residential building. The production of building components adopts manufacturing production line.For example, the binding of reinforcement bars and the production of concrete slabs remove human factors, and the production process is completely controlled by the automation program, which solves the "common quality problems" such as leakage, sound insulation, heat insulation and poor precision of traditional building methods.

    The third advantage of prefabricated house construction is that it reduces waste.This includes savings in manpower, raw materials, time and process.The components are manufactured in a standard chemical plant.The on-site implementation of assembly construction has basically reduced the unavoidable waste of human factors and greatly reduced the waste of hydropower raw materials in wet operation.External scaffolding is not required.

    The four advantages of prefabricated residential construction are controllable construction time and cost.The traditional construction method is affected by many factors, so the construction period exceeds expectations and the cost is difficult to control. As a result, the construction additional construction cost is often higher than the budget cost.

    The fifth advantage of prefabricated housing construction is that it reduces labor cost, reduces labor intensity and safety hidden danger.For example, in the production of changsha yuanda resident factory, only two workers (monitoring the operation of mechanical equipment) a day are needed in the production process. This is equivalent to the number of 500 workers who are manually bound in a day.The assembly production mode in changsha has transformed the former construction workers into manufacturing workers. The training of workers has improved the quality of workers. At the same time, the labor force has been liberated, the working environment and labor intensity have been improved, and safety risks have been reduced.

    It can be seen that the prefabricated residential construction technology reflects the features and advantages of controllable cost, guaranteed quality, saving and safety, meets the development requirements of national energy conservation, low carbon and economy conservation, and conforms to the development direction of the housing industry modernization and improvement of human settlements quality.