How To Choose An Integrated House
- Aug 11, 2017 -

As the most commonly used equipment in modern transportation industry, integrated house has been used more and more by people, and its use of environmental protection materials and the application of energy-saving technology make the integrated house a representative building of green architecture. will also be the future of housing development direction. So how do we choose the best integrated House?

Recommended choice of steel structure housing. Integrated housing in the market broadly divided into two kinds: one is the cabin, the other is the steel structure house.

Although the wooden house is "green building" in some sense, its timber determines that it wastes a lot of forest resources, and the two flaws, such as mildew and moth-eaten, can hardly be avoided. Compared with other construction, the steel structure has advantages in the use, design, construction and comprehensive economy, which is low in cost and can be moved at any time. Its thermal insulation performance, high seismic resistance, but also to reduce the energy consumption of 50%, and do not worry about mildew and moth-eaten problems.

And in the choice of housing box, to pay attention to quality, and relatively speaking, its heat insulation effect is very poor, the words will be very uncomfortable to live, and because of its special materials, decoration will be more than the general house trouble, because it is steel, and all the steel, as long as the word will rust, this needs to be maintained, and even if the maintenance, practical time will not be very long, the general needs to be replaced in a few years, and the interior is to take the form of paint, winter is fine, in the summer, the sun under direct, Will emit a strong paint taste, caused harm to the human body, and these housing boxes, generally in the site more than the appearance of a simple living environment, suitable for short-term construction workers temporary housing, do not recommend long-term living in it. Disassembly is convenient.