Integrated Housing Manufacturers Popularize Integrated Housing Knowledge
- Jul 26, 2018 -

    Integrated housing manufacturers to popularize integrated housing knowledge.In foreign countries, you can see mobile houses everywhere. They are temporary houses made of molded colored steel plates and aluminum.Then connect the water pipes, gas pipes and power lines, and you can check in.The biggest advantage of mobile housing is its low cost and environmental protection. It is only 1% to 10% of the housing of the same area.The advantages of such mobile housing at the Sydney Olympics were almost extreme.

    In the UK, mobile homes are the hope of office workers.Britain's property market has been booming for several years, and the shortage of new homes is a direct cause.The number of new homes built in Britain in 2005 was the lowest since 1924, according to the building society of England, with only a quarter of households being built each year, and most of them for the upper income class.To ease Britain's housing crisis, the government has launched a personal campaign to "sell" light steel mini-mobile homes, which are small and only 35 square metres in size.But the function is complete, the bedroom installs the folding table that holds cabinet concurrently, the oven inside the kitchen, electric stove, freezer, washing machine all ready.

    In the United States, mobile homes are homes that move behind cars.A popular mobile home in the United States that can be towed behind a car.It's actually a mobile home, a mobile home.The house looks simple, with a rectangular trailer body, about 17 meters long and about 5 meters wide.Although the volume is not big, but according to different requirement inside partition becomes bedroom, sitting room, bathroom and kitchen etc.Although the sparrow is small, it has all the dirt.

    The transportation radius of foreign mobile houses generally ranges from 10 to 300 kilometers. Due to the limitation of transportation radius, there must be enough branches to ensure the rapid operation of its rental business.France ALGECO has 89 branches and 7 production bases in 9 European countries with over 1600 employees.General motors has branches all over the world.Large capital scale, technical force, sales network and transportation system are powerful weapons to ensure the normal operation and competition of the company.

    In addition to temporary housing for construction sites in the field of construction, foreign mobile housing also includes commercial office buildings, shops and laboratories.Industrial plant;Schools, kindergartens, nursing homes and hospitals used in public buildings;Tourist villas, motels, hotels and restaurants for tourism;Residential buildings used in traditional construction and so on.

    Domestic integrated houses are gradually recognized. Many development zones, real estate developers, tourist attractions, new rural construction and individuals have attached great importance to this very advantageous product. The rapid promotion of integrated houses has been one of the highlights of the new materials and construction field in this century.

In the future, integrated houses will make full use of solar energy, wind energy and geothermal energy to form truly self-sufficient green and environment-friendly houses.