Mobile Shipping Container House Manufacturer: Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd
- Aug 04, 2018 -

    With the continuous innovation of the construction industry, a kind of building called "mobile container house" has come to the forefront of The Times.

    Mobile shipping container house is a kind of bedroom that can assemble easily, move, it has the function of exterior like trailer, interior is a bedroom.Such houses are widely used in China, such as environmentally friendly public toilets, sanitation facilities, light steel houses, wooden houses and so on.Mobile container housing has the characteristics of beauty, convenient construction, less pollution to the environment and less investment.Mobile housing manufacturer, Qingdao green integrated housing co. LTD

Advantages of mobile housing

Low manufacturing cost

    A mobile or prefabricated house is a prefabricated house that can be towed from a manufacturing plant to a residential base.Because of the year-round availability of mass production technology, the cost of building the house is relatively low.

Easy to transport

    Mobile container homes are usually manufactured by factories and shipped to their destinations.Therefore, some mobile shipping container houses have sliding or collapsible side walls to reduce the width of houses during transportation.Others are shipped in parts and assembled at the homestead.

The assembly period is short and environmental friendly

    The assembly period of mobile integrated houses is very short. Generally, a set of integrated houses can be built within about four days.It does not generate a lot of construction waste during the assembly process, and can be recycled multiple times through disassembly.

    Mobile container housing manufacturer, Qingdao green integrated housing co. LTD

    Qingdao green integrated housing co., ltd. was established in 2015 with a registered capital of 10 million yuan. It is a professional integrated housing production enterprise integrating design, development and manufacturing.

    The company is located in Qingdao city in shandong province jiaozhou SanLiHe industrial park, covers an area of 24000 ㎡, production workshop area of 10000 ㎡.It has more than 50 sets of various equipment, such as shearing machine, bending machine, automatic welding machine and various types of argon arc welding machine, carbon dioxide gas welding machine, etc., and has complete product sandblasting, paint spraying, drying and coating line.The annual production capacity of the first phase invested 20 million yuan production line is 10,000 boxes, which can produce various kinds of box houses.

The company's products are divided into four categories: integrated container house, deformable container house, steel structure house and panel assembly house.The main products are: all kinds of villas, apartments, residential buildings, newspaper kiosks, post booths, tourist toilets, supermarkets, commercial complex buildings, hotels, camps, clubs, army barracks, etc.

    Mobile container housing manufacturer, Qingdao green integrated housing co. LTD