On The Development Of Container House
- Aug 11, 2017 -

"The development of ' container houses ' may be an effective way to solve the problem of housing problems for low-income people in the future, if the supply of housing is more tense or there is a strict restriction on the purchaser," he said. "Famous real estate marketing planning expert Yifeng think. He said that although it is impossible for China to implement the policy of "container House" in the short term, at least the "container house" can be carried out in some cities or individual cities "pilot", appropriate release, waiting time and conditions ripe, then put into the country for implementation and distribution and widespread promotion.

He argues that the "container house" costs are small, satisfies some of the market demand, but also reduces people's anger over the society by high housing prices, the problem of people who cannot afford to buy homes because of high housing prices or low economic incomes, and the living problems of some floating population living on the fringes of the city. Finally, to a certain extent, can have a certain inhibition to the phenomenon that the house price rises excessively fast. In his view, "the Government should seriously consider this important issue that concerns people's livelihood".