Private Residential Containers Are Difficult To Find
- Aug 11, 2017 -

In London, many container houses become single apartments; in New York, a "modular home unit" is a 40-foot container; In Holland, containers are used to build dormitories for students. In Shenzhen, can this kind of container become the savior of "dwelling clan"? Industry insiders generally believe that the current Shenzhen private residential container difficult to live.

"You have to take care of yourself if you want to live, because this is not allowed to be put, and may be suspended tomorrow," said Zhang, a manager of the Sumitomo Container Company, who told reporters. "But if an individual wants to rent or buy a container room as an apartment, first must obtain the right to use a piece of land, and obtain the relevant departments of the planning and approval, otherwise it belongs to the violation of the building. The acquisition of land tenure in the name of an individual and the planning and approval of it are almost impossible to accomplish at present.

Because the resident containers are not permitted by the government, they would like to live in a remote suburb, or under the overpass, or even under construction sites. Mr. Chen told reporters that individuals who occasionally rented containers were the ones who opened small grocery stores and small shops on the roadside, with little or no room for their own.