The Best Gift For Parents Is A Self Designed Assembly House.
- May 10, 2018 -


A British guy has given her parents a grand gift - a house, some may sneer at him, but if it tells you that this house is a young man's own design and built, it must be a surprise. If you tell you that this house is not only a place for the old two years, but also a lot of honors, you must be anxious and curious to see the wonderful house.

The young man's name, Richard, has a nice name, Shawn, who has been learning to recycle green energy before Richards, and after graduation, with the architect, a study on the energy cycle of the building, which was born in the town of Northumbrian county.

Richards the old house of the parents has been growing old, but they do not want to leave the town. Richards attached great importance to his parents' little wishes in his late years. Although he was not a building source, with his years of energy learning and his patience, he built a small house with the most energy-efficient water and electricity equipment to test the impact of the building on the beauty of the town.

The house is made of wood, with one side on the stone, and the whole shape is like a traditional barn. The materials are made locally, such as larch wood, and the wooden structure of the house is similar to the old type of straw shack.

The low energy consumption of fabricated residential buildings is highly enclosed, reducing the demand for heat. There is no need to make insulation heating equipment. On the other hand, it is a good ventilation environment under the thermal circulation system.

Solar photo-voltaic panels are the main sources of indoor energy. The rainwater recycling system makes waste water recycling. The house also has ramps, electric shutters and automatic front doors. Shawn won four regional RIBA awards.