The Container Activity Room Is More Soundproof Than The Movable House
- Aug 11, 2017 -

A site in Shenzhen, one day after the work, Xiao Wang back to the living room dormitory immediately Meng head Big sleep, not even eat rice. The roommate in the same room was wondering. Xiao Wang these days, the spirit is dispirited, work often wrong, was scolded by the foreman garters. By nine o'clock in the evening, the Little King was starving, and climbed up to find food everywhere in the movable room. The colleague in the activity room asked him what was going on, as if he had not slept for a few days.

"You try to wake up for a couple of nights and you know what's going on with me," Xiao Wang said as he ate. ”

"Why, I sleep soundly at night," said the morning. ”

"You slept like a pig, and Ray didn't wake up. You don't know how many nights I woke up upstairs in the middle of the night. ”

"What's going on upstairs?" ”

"Every night people get up and walk around and tickle me every time I get woken up." ”

"Also oh, this activity room is not sound-proof, upstairs walk all heard clearly, sometimes upstairs to sleep late, we are in the activity room on the first floor will suffer, they do not always sleep." ”

"Yes, I sleep shallow, what the night is very easy to wake me up, this activity room of sound insulation effect is really bad, I want to live near the rental." "Xiao Wang is just entered the site not long, the activity room is not very adapted."