The International Green Housing Trend
- Nov 24, 2017 -

For thousands of years, Chinese rural people's housing has been a continuation of the traditional construction , either live performance or safety performance has a big gap with the city residential, mainly reflected in the lack of overall planning and design of building structure, the safety coefficient is low, the housing durability and comfort etc. and for building rural areas are mostly in brick, wood and so on, these materials are in the waste of land and resources is the premise of trees. Solid bricks and other energy intensive building materials have been strictly forbidden to use, and new green building materials should be widely applied.

Due to the strengthening of environmental awareness and shortage of timber, many countries, such as the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Australia, are actively promoting the application of light steel structure residential buildings in the middle and low levels.

Australia put forward the concept of "rapid installation of prefabricated housing" as early as 1960s. In 1987, the high strength cold-formed thin-walled steel structure appeared, and Australia and New Zealand joint specification was promulgated in 1996. The light steel structure develops fastest in the United States. In just 65 years, the light steel structure houses accounted for only 15% of the American construction market in 1935, up to 75% in 2000. The residential component and product standardization, serialization, and specialization, commercialization, socialization degree is very high, almost 100%, all kinds of construction machinery, equipment and instruments of such lease is very developed, commercialization degree reached 40%. In recent years, Australia each year about the construction of a $600 million keel independent residential building 120000, accounting for about 24% of the output value of all Australian construction business; the system adopted by the United States housing built from the 55000 surge in mid 1990s to 2000 325000.

Qingdao Green Integrated Housing Co., Ltd. products are divided into four categories: integral container house, deformable container house, steel structure house and chip assembly house. The main products are: villas, apartments, civil housing, newsstand, booth, tourist toilet, supermarket, commercial complex building, hotels, camps, clubs, barracks and so on.