The Rise Of Organic Vegetables In The United States In Container Farms
- Aug 11, 2017 -

In Boston, Freight Farms, a technology start-up, has begun to do so by stuffing an ocean container container into open spaces between rooftops, campuses and buildings to form an efficient and environmentally friendly urban agriculture system. Now Freight Farms has sold the system to a number of users, including the Courtyard hotel and a number of farm products distributors, and in December this year won a round of $1.2 million in a venture capital.

Freight Farms's vision comes from designers and is an environmental project in which co-founder Jonathan Friedman joined the company. At that time Friedman and Master of Science in Environmental Sciences Brad McNamara together to provide design advice for a large-scale rooftop greenhouse farm project.

"Investors are fascinated by the concept of rooftop greenhouse farms, but they are less excited when they see the cost," he said. Friedman said at a TEDx conference in Boston. They chose to use two-tiered PVC insulation, but the cost of heating, cooling and ventilation on rooftop greenhouses is still too high to make ends meet, nor can it be scaled up.