The Technical Development Trend Of Prefab House
- Jul 02, 2018 -

    From the closed lock system to the open system development.We are committed to developing standardized functional modules and unified modules in design, which are easy to be unified and rich in changes, convenient for production and construction, and bring greater freedom to designers.

    From the wet system to the dry system.Now the system of combination of cast-in-place and precast assembly is widely used.The wet system has low standards and requires more labor. Most joints are made of cast-in-place concrete, but the anti-seepage performance is good.The dry system has high standards, and most joints do not use cast-in-place concrete, and the anti-seepage performance is poor.

    From emphasizing only structural prefabrication to the direction of structural prefabrication and systematic integration.The prefabricated house is not only the industrialization of main structure but also the industrialization of interior decoration products.

    More emphasis is placed on information management.Through BIM information technology to build information exchange platform in consultation, planning, design, construction and management and other links, "information" to promote "industrialization".