Use Of Container After Modification
- Aug 11, 2017 -

1, the old container can be used to own cabinets for the loading and export, if the use of self-owned cabinets with the export of goods, it is not necessary to declare a separate, that is, the equivalent of using the shipping company's cabinets to carry out customs declaration. In the Declaration of the list to fill in the cabinet number on it. But it's famous when booking a cabin. Some shipping companies may not need to provide some certification or a separate inspection, very convenient.

2, the old container can be used to do temporary warehouses, if sometimes the factory suddenly received a large order, the warehouse is not enough to use the old container can be used as a temporary warehouse, can be returned at any time, very flexible and convenient.

3, the old container can also be modified, as the activity room or used as an office. Because the second-hand container is relatively spacious, but also very strong, generally outside the paint is used to prevent the corrosion of the sea who paint, so can be used for a long time, now, in many countries abroad is also used in old containers to do houses and villas used.

4, the old container can also be used as some permanent or as a temporary cargo compartment used, placed on the flatbed is also very suitable for use.