What Are The Advantages Of Container Modular Buildings?
- Jul 19, 2018 -

    Modular house, since the building in the history of a powerful black horse, if the traditional brick structure is laying, so light steel structure is assembled, all the components will need to use one by one together, form a complete part, the emergence of prefabricated steel structure, so to speak, directly influence the traditional architecture, changed the original building model.

    The reason why the prefabricated steel structure residential building develops so strongly at present is mainly inseparable from its excellent performance. There are mainly the following points:

High safety and reliability:

    Because steel is the ideal elastic-plastic material, has the very good ductility, can consume the earthquake energy, so the seismic performance is good, the structure safety degree is high, can satisfy the safety of the house.

    Construction safety:

    Due to the steel structure component, USES the factory production, made by the advanced production equipment, production site construction by mechanized operation, significantly reduce the workload, on-site installation and quality easy to control, significantly reduce artificial operation error, the construction more safe.

    Short time:

    The construction is not affected by the weather. The floor slab adopts the self-supporting slab of prefabricated steel truss, which can realize the multi-storey construction at the same time and realize the three-dimensional cross-flow operation. The construction speed is fast.2 ~ 3 floors a day, saving 3 ~4 construction time than traditional buildings.

Green, environmental and sustainable:

    Traditional buildings per m2 construction waste produced up to 200 kg, in some large-scale construction of urban construction waste accounts for half of urban waste, building materials, transport and construction will produce large amounts of dust, the pollution sources to reach one 5 of the total urban pollution, water consumption is great, and the traditional architecture of wastewater truculent.

    At the same time, the traditional brick and concrete houses and reinforced concrete houses cannot be reused after demolition. Meanwhile, the construction waste stacking has become a very difficult problem.The steel of steel structure residential buildings can achieve more than 95% recovery, realize recycling, meet the requirements of housing industrialization and sustainable development.

    Rational use of space:

    Because of the high strength steel, can be used when the design layout of big width room, make architectural plane can reasonable space, flexible and convenient, can satisfy the needs of different users, to create an open house, steel structure building of cross section is small, compared with the traditional reinforced concrete structure building area can be effectively increased by more than 5%.