What Is The Development Trend Of Prefabricated Houses?
- Dec 12, 2017 -

It is not difficult to find out from the network that more and more places are now using container hotels, container villas, and high-end container houses. In 2016, The Central Committee of the Communist Party of China put forward, and strive to use about 10 years’ time, the prefabricated construction accounted for the proportion of new buildings reached 30%.

In March 2017 the official website of the Ministry of housing issued "construction of energy-efficient and green building development plan, 13th Five-Year" clearly adhere to comprehensively promote: from the green building energy saving, energy-saving and green development concept extends to all areas of the building. We should vigorously develop assembly building production base, cultivate integrated leading enterprises of design, production and construction, and improve the related policies, standards and technical systems of fabricated buildings.

By 2020, the proportion of green building materials in new urban buildings was more than 40%, and the proportion of urban assembly buildings accounted for more than 15% of the newly built buildings.

With the national media and a large number of network publicity, the container modular building will be more and more, its advantages are recognized. In the future, the cost of the container Hotel and the construction cost of the container apartment should be further reduced to allow more people to build the container building.